Open Gyms for a Fitness Enthusiast’s Thanksgiving Day


Are you passionate about fitness and plan to maintain your workout routine during the holiday season? Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, eat delicious food, and spend time with loved ones. Yet, for many of us, finding a gym open on this festive day can prove to be a challenging task. We bring you an extensive list of gym facilities you can resort to on Thanksgiving.

Open Gyms – A Thanksgiving Day Guide

Admit it, maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst the festive chaos isn’t a cakewalk, we grasp that. This section includes gyms that remain open during Thanksgiving. These facilities prioritize your fitness needs even on holidays.

Plan your Post-Turkey Workout

Having a strategy on-hand before the big feast can help you stay focused and committed.

  1. 24 Hour Fitness

    If flexible gym hours are what you seek, the first option on our list caters perfectly to your needs. As the name suggests, 24-Hour Fitness doesn’t lock its doors, even during Thanksgiving. You can go for a pre-dinner run or post-dinner workout.

  2. Anytime Fitness

    This gym lives up to its promise of being available ‘anytime,’ even on holidays. With branches worldwide, you can find an Anytime Fitness gym around the U.S.

  3. Gold’s Gym

    Turkey shouldn’t be an excuse to ditch your fitness regime. Gold’s Gym alters its timetable for Thanksgiving but certainly remains open.

Workout Techniques for Thanksgiving

Don’t let holiday feasting hinder your fitness progress. Here are some techniques to incorporate into your workout.

  1. Cardio Blast

Cardio exercise is a must, irrespective of your regular workout routine. It aids in calorie burning. A few examples of efficient cardio exercises are running, brisk walking, or cycling.

  1. Strength Training

Focus on compound movements, like squats or deadlifts, that aid in muscle building and burn more calories even at rest.

  1. High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by rest periods. This method can speed up your metabolism and extend the post-workout fat-burning phase.

Burning Thanksgiving Calories

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial during festive occasions. However, physical activity is equally important to compensate for the surplus calories consumed.

  • A one-hour cardio session can help you burn around 520-620 calories.

  • Strength training for about 60 minutes can help you shed approximately 300-400 kcal.

  • A session of HIIT has the potential to burn around 300-400 kcal in just half an hour.


Enjoy the special moments this Thanksgiving while prioritizing health and fitness. These gyms are open and welcoming to everyone seeking to maintain their workout routines on Thanksgiving day. Plan a post-feast workout, strategize your workout technique, and make the most of these open gyms over the holiday season.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner on a wellness journey, step into these gyms open on Thanksgiving Day to keep your health in check despite the cherry pies and turkey feasts. Exercise paired with a balanced diet will keep your health on track. Don’t compromise on fitness; have an active and healthy Thanksgiving!

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